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Adobe Bridge Cs6 Amtlib 18 lanjanu




dmg file and the .dmg and .pkg files (which I burned to disk from CS5) are now about 3 times as large as they should be. So I decided to re-install CS5 from scratch. I downloaded the .pkg file (18MB), burned it to a disk, replaced the .dmg, and started installing. It took me 15 minutes to get to a "refresh file list" dialog with all my software. It was 11.3GB of software, and I had to leave to make a sandwich. After 30 minutes it was done installing. It completed. I rebooted and started up Photoshop CS5. The only difference I can see is that the "About Photoshop" dialog is different. It's still referring to the original installed version of Photoshop CS5 and I can tell that I have a different working version because of a few icons which are different. The only thing that is still incorrect is that the installer has to have the .pkg file again. I'm guessing that the .pkg file was included when I reinstalled, but after installing CS5 without it the installer will look for it again. I just want to know if anyone has seen this and figured out a way to avoid it. I'd also like to know if Adobe has a special installer for CS5 that will recognize it as a different version and not have to download the .pkg file again. A: This can happen when you try to install two versions of the same product in tandem. Installations are not immutable, they can be updated or downgraded, depending on what files are present. If you simply install the older version, then you will have two separate installations, with different filenames. If you install the newer version, and the newer version needs to update or downgrade to an older version, it will need to find the files of the older version. If it can't find the files of the older version, or the newer version needs to overwrite some of the files from the older version, it will create a new version of the file. If you try to install two versions of a product simultaneously, then you will have two different filenames for the same files. The solution to this is to run one installer at a time. Delete the current installation and start over. If you are not sure which version you want to install first, then do it. When it is finished, delete the older installation and make sure that the product is




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Adobe Bridge Cs6 Amtlib 18 lanjanu

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